Cutting Against The Grain

46. Uric Acid and Fructose

February 09, 2022 Laura Spath and Judy Cho
Cutting Against The Grain
46. Uric Acid and Fructose
Show Notes

In this episode, Judy and Laura share new insight into uric acid and fructose, and what it means for a meat-based carnivore diet. 

  • What is gout? And standard care’s recommendations
  • Normal ranges for uric acid
  • What is uric acid? What are purines?
  • What does it have to do with liver and organ meats? 
  • How uric acid can be different for ketogenic diets 
  • The concern of eating fruits + honey + liver with a meat-only carnivore diet
  • What if you can look healthy and seem to tolerate the additions?
  • Modern day fruits
  • Why is beer risky for carnivores?
  • The polyol pathway (switch)
  • Two camps of Carnivore: Healing illness & metabolic syndrome vs. health has a hobby
  • What the science shows
  • Liver can store toxins
  • What to do with hyper uricemia (high uric acid levels)
  • Dehydration: Drink to thirst
  • Sweeteners
  • How, when and how quickly you are consuming fructose is key
  • Exercise and uric acid
  • CGMs don’t measure fructose
  • Fruits and fructose load (examples)
  • Breakdown of honey and sugar



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