Cutting Against The Grain

67. Ask Laura and Judy Anything Part 2

July 06, 2022 Laura Spath and Judy Cho
Cutting Against The Grain
67. Ask Laura and Judy Anything Part 2
Show Notes

In this episode, Laura and Judy answer your pressing questions. 

  1. How much meat to start with? 
  2. Does the amount of activity impact the amount of protein? 
  3. How to get in more protein when restricting calories for so long? 
  4. Why do low net carb foods throw me out of ketosis?
  5. Best way to recover from a binge eating episode? 
  6. Diet soda, sugar-free mints, gum. Thoughts? 
  7. Is there absolutely no moment in your live you want ice cream or something sweet? 
  8. Medicine with sugar or alcohol. What to do?
  9. In the beginning, if friends invited you over, what do you do if they cook a carby casserole?
  10. What do you do for birthdays/holidays instead of having a cake or sugary treats? 
  11. If you were to travel abroad for vacation would you eat cultural foods or stay carnivore?
  12. Can a person heal from candida with carnivore, add foods back in and still have zero candida? 
  13. Carnivore for 6 months, how do I start incorporating new foods?  
  14. Can Carnivore help visceral fat loss? 
  15. If cortisol is high, will a 24 hour fast here and there be too much? 
  16. How long does it take to heal your gut? 
  17. Who do I consult about my blood work since my primary care doctor is not open minded? 
  18. If I'm having muscle cramps on Carnivore, could it be not enough salt? 
  19. How to fix hypothyroidism without meds. 
  20. Thoughts on adrenal fatigue. Does carnivore heal adrenal fatigue?  
  21. Canada meat-up?









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