Cutting Against The Grain

74. What It Takes to Change and Live Your Best Life with Robert Sikes, Keto Savage

August 24, 2022 Laura Spath and Judy Cho
Cutting Against The Grain
74. What It Takes to Change and Live Your Best Life with Robert Sikes, Keto Savage
Show Notes

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In this episode, Laura and Judy chat with Robert Sikes, @KetoSavage about nutrition, building mass, community, drive and fulfillment.

Robert Sikes is a lifetime natural competitive bodybuilder, nutrition and training consultant, and life enthusiast. He has battled with eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and total frustration because of bad information about mainstream dieting methods. He has won his class in every natural bodybuilding competition he has entered and has a bodybuilding pro-card.

Robert is the founder of Keto Brick, Live Savage Performance Apparel, and the Deeper State Keto Protocol. Robert Sikes is also the author of Ketogenic Bodybuilding, host of the popular Keto Savage Podcast, and father to baby boy, Robert Rigel Sikes. 


  1. Why Robert Is and Stays Ketogenic
  2. Why Consistency Matters and What it Looks Like
  3. Fat vs. Protein
  4. Lean Protein and Hormone Health
  5. Ample Nutrition
  6. Exercise and Carnivore
  7. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
  8. How Often Should We Weight Train?
  9. Progress Overload for Increasing Muscle Mass and Strength
  10. Tracking
  11. Non-Negotiables and Stepping Stones
  12. What Successful People Have and Do
  13. Nutrition as a Keystone Habit
  14. Power of Community
  15. Anchoring
  16. Growth and Progress for Fulfillment






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