Cutting Against The Grain

85. Ownership and How to Placebo the Holidays

November 09, 2022 Laura Spath and Judy Cho
Cutting Against The Grain
85. Ownership and How to Placebo the Holidays
Show Notes

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In this episode, Laura and Judy discuss the importance of consistency, ownership, discipline and how to really make it through the holidays (and life, in general).

  1. Judy’s mom celebrates 70th birthday
  2. Carnivore dial
  3. Being realistic about the holidays
  4. Discipline
  5. Moment by moment
  6. Consistent by being non-perfect
  7. Ownership
  8. Expectation effect
  9. Nocebo and placebo
  10. Diet as a journey
  11. Influencers vs. driver’s seat
  12. Balance of happiness and health
  13. Life plan







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