Cutting Against The Grain

57. Weight Loss for Good

April 27, 2022 Laura Spath and Judy Cho
Cutting Against The Grain
57. Weight Loss for Good
Show Notes

In this episode, Laura and Judy chat about how to lose weight on a carnivore diet, and in a way that is sustainable. 

  1. Weight loss trends
  2. Gaining weight on carnivore
  3. Weight loss for different body types
  4. Undereating on keto
  5. Consistency is critical
  6. Randle cycle
  7. Calories in calories out
  8. The heftiness of snacking
  9. Meal timing
  10. Multiple meals for gut health
  11. Reverse dieting
  12. Alcohol
  13. Less variety
  14. Macros and Levers









DISCLAIMER: This podcast should never be considered medical advice. We always recommend working with your medical team. Do not self-diagnose. Always seek medical guidance when you have a medical condition.

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