Cutting Against The Grain

23. Insulin Resistance, PUFAs and Diabetes

September 01, 2021 Laura Spath and Judy Cho
Cutting Against The Grain
23. Insulin Resistance, PUFAs and Diabetes
Show Notes

In this episode, Laura and Judy talk about insulin resistance and blood sugar imbalances.

  1. Insulin Resistance
  2. Cause of Insulin Resistance (PUFAs vs. Sugars)
  3. Feeding Children
  4. Why Seed Oils (Vegetable Oils) are Toxic
  5. Type II Diabetes and Insulin Resistance
  6. Insulin Resistance and the Need for Digestive Enzymes 
  7. How to Check Blood Sugar 
  8. How Food Affects Blood Sugars
  9. Bioindividuality Matters
  10. Blood Sugars in a Healthy Person vs. a Diabetic
  11. Nutrients Depleted with Higher Sugar
  12. Sugar and Gut Health
  13. Gluconeogenesis
  14. Different Forms of Stored Energy 
  15. The Endocrine System and High Blood Sugar
  16. Chromium, Vitamin C and Supplements
  17. Iodine and Sole Water
  18. Insulin Resistance and Blood Sugar Dysregulation Signs
  19. Markers for Insulin Resistance
  20. Insulin Resistance vs. Insulin Sensitivity
  21. Stress, Cortisol and Systemic Inflammation


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  5. Canola Oil:
  6. Tim Noakes:
  7. Blood Sugar, The Math:
  8. The Dangers of Sugar:
  9. Carnivore Cure Book:
  10. Vitamin C and Glucose Receptor:
  11. The different energy forms:
  12. Sleep and Cortisol:
  13. Chromium:
  14. Hair Tissue Mineral Test:
  15. Iodine Testing: